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 LUXE, Loose Moissanite Gems, 


Our luxe loose Moissanite gems and stones at Forever Chic Jewellery are your best source for high quality, best priced Moissanite stones in Australia. Our stunning Moissanite gems are redefining luxury with each of our stones expertly crafted and faceted to revolutionise the brilliance of Moissanite, carefully cut for maximum lifetime brilliance and durability. We offer a whole range of carat sizes to fit your needs. 

Round Brilliant Moissanite

Timeless and classic. Our most popular moissanite shape is the round brilliant cut. Our Moissanite round stones feature 57-58 facets of pure elegance and style.

Oval Brilliant Moissanite

Our popular oval cut Moissanite gemstones exhibit 69-70 facets that present the timeless beauty of this cut. If you prefer elongated Oval Moissanite gems contact us for our best price.

Pear Brilliant Moissanite 

One of the fanciest shapes available, our pear cut moissanite stones are exquisite. Featuring 71-72 facets, the beauty of this cut lies in its enchanting shape and versitility.

Square Brilliant Moissanite

Having an impressive 65-66 facets, our square cut moissanite stones are a classic that will always be a popular style. These gems are an ideal choice for a variety of jewellery settings.

Emerald  Moissanite

Both a modern and vintage favourite alike. 45-46 facets create these silky smooth emerald cut Moissanite stones that present a luxe, subtle sparkle for the more conservative woman.

Marquise Moissanite

A vintage cut Moissanite gem that boasts a unique shape with precise symmetry. Featuring 57-58 facets, exuding unmatched fire and brilliance on this narrow silhouette. 

Cushion Moissanite

Our Cushion cut Moissanite stones have an impressive 81-82 facets. Flaunting a pillow-like appearance, this cut is the perfect mix between a square and round cut.

Radiant Moissanite

The Radiant cut gem has similarities to the popular emerald cut making  it a desirable option. Featuring 53-54 facets, this stone exudes a brilliance that only Moissanite can show.

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